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Donate Today To Help Syrian Refugee Children

You can help Art 4 Syria and our artists support Syrian refugee children through dialogue, visual expression, and fundraising. Through generous monetary donations and the proceeds of art for sale, we are able to contribute to the wonderful organizations: Save The Children or Sonbola to ensure education for Syrian refugee children.

Monetary Proceeds

Whether you purchase a work of art or donate money directly, 100% of proceeds goes to either Save The Children or Sonbola, based on your choice. You will receive a confirmation email to ensure that your donation was given to the correct organization.

Art Donations

In addition to monetary donations, we are also interested in artwork donations from artists who are interested in our mission. We welcome any and all types of artists who are moved by the plight of the refugee children, and we would love to have your pieces on display and sold to support a good cause. Any style, from paintings to sculptures, are appreciated from well-known to novice artists. On August 5, we will hold our first exhibition at 434 East 9th Street, New York City. After the show, all unsold artwork will be available for purchase on our website.

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